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Talented Freelancers Wanted on Ajumah.Com

You can make money as a freelancer in Africa. Are you a talented freelance #designer, #coder #developer Register on www.ajumah ... work, make more money and to establish your professional reputation.

asked Nov 13, 2014 by anonymous
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Are there any very good PHP developers interested in joining to build and owning equity in a thriving startup?

My name is Olumide Olusanya. I am the CEO of is now Nigeria'* Biggest Online Supermarket and was recently featured by ... . Regards, D.O CEO,

asked Oct 19, 2014 by anonymous
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Can I learn about web development without going colleges ?

I am not good at studies so I know that i will not get any good colleges and I cant clear iit exam. So I decided that after ... I go to learn web development if my decision is right please guide me.

asked Aug 25, 2014 by anonymous
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Page Redirection After Password Change is Successful

I want to make a password-change-page redirect to another view after the password change is successful. However, I used the redirect ... helper method to redirect page after password change }

answered Jun 1, 2014 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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I am getting a HTTP 405 error on an uploadify jquery script

Hello guys, I have been getting a HTTP 405 request error for a j-query script to upload a file using umbraco framework. Any idea on how to resolve this irking error?

answered May 19, 2014 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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Manual to Quickly: application preferences?

Where can one find a manual to Quickly, where it is written about using (=programming, how to connect widgets in PreferencesDialogWindow with ... than point out a guide, in this case you are welcome!

answered Jan 4, 2014 by madradavid (360 points)
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1 answer 2,524 views

HTML & Javascript Extension for Internet Explorer

Hi, Is it possible to make an IE extension using HTML and Javascript. I want to reuse the same code foe Chrome, FF and IE exension.

answered Jan 4, 2014 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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1 answer 1,867 views

Dictionary Dataset

Please does anybody have a full dictionary source code? I mean words with definitions. i need to use it in an android app...

answered Oct 7, 2013 by ugochimbo (860 points)
0 votes
1 answer 2,829 views

createUserWizard 4.5 VS2012

Please who knows how i can add more controls to the createUserWizard to get more information from a new user in 4.5 VS2012

answered Sep 13, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
1 answer 6,579 views

ajax toolkit is not working on my visual studio 2012 4.5. i don't know why

Please i need help to solve the issue i m having with ajax toolkit after installing it on visual studio 2012. It just doesnt ... working and stop wasting my time trying to solve one issue. Thanks

answered Sep 13, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
1 answer 13,990 views

Stemmers vs Lemmatizers

Natural Language Processing (NLP), especially for English, has evolved into the stage where stemming would become an archaic ... other languages that have similar morphological structures as English?

answered Jul 6, 2013 by lordchimbo (150 points)
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1 answer 34,564 views

Android - Losing focus on Item in ListView

I have ListView with extendable items. Everything is working great until I trigger the dialog popup with EditText. Right after it animation ... working as it should be. Thank you for any suggestions.

answered Jul 6, 2013 by lordchimbo (150 points)
+1 vote
0 answers 3,226 views

What is middleware in Slim Framework?

It says The Slim Framework implements a version of the Rack protocol. As a result, a Slim application can have middleware that ... onions? What is the proper name of "middleware" in PHP?

asked Jul 6, 2013 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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0 answers 2,735 views

stream audio to http-post in Android

I'm trying to record voice from an Android device, have the data encoded as some audio encoding (M4A, FLAC, Ogg) stream upload ... different method to do requirements 1..3 above or how to debug it?

asked Jul 6, 2013 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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1 answer 4,334 views

Android Lint Error

When I run lint I get the following warning: Unexpected text found in layout file: "". It says it'* happening at line 4 ... .xml. Is there a way to fix those instead of ignoring them?

answered Jul 6, 2013 by ugochimbo (860 points)
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